Hi! My name is Romain. I’m Art Director & Senior UI/UX Designer living in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2013, I received a BA in visual communication from ECAL & in 2017, I earned a MAS in design research for digital innovation from the EPFL+ECAL Lab.

I believe that design should be intuitive & revolve around the user. To strengthen this, I learned inclusive design methodologies at the RCA & honed my skills in icon design at the University of Bournemouth. For the latter, I manipulated icons’ aesthetics to evaluate their effect on perceived usability. Many of my projects deal with notions of big data, data visualization & search algorithms. These play a large role in my research work, where I explore navigation principles & aggregation of content in mass information environments. Currently, I’m working on a major social network system for elderly people.

I am methodical, logical, detail-oriented & a bit of a perfectionist. For my BA thesis, I explored the omnipresence of the grid in our daily visual landscapes. After that, I worked as a graphic designer at ECAL for its communication platform as well as a freelancer for other organisations. I also co-founded a workshop that specializes in graphic design for unique mediums as well as a design collective for conceptual ideas. Today, I work in a design research lab where I confront my point of view with engineers & psychologists.








Comparative studies to show the importance of Facebook in human relationships. These are organized to confront 250 virtual profiles to 3 close friends by opposing, adding and subtracting them. To do so, some archival illustrations, school pictures, maps or yearbooks have been imagined.

The 3 chapters are interspersed with stories told by the 3 partners, presented with narrower books to mark a break while reading. This editorial approach expresses the idea that 3 friends can have as much – or even more – importance than 250 acquaintances.

Edition, ECAL 2012:
22 × 29 cm, hardcover, 200 pages.

Friends +/– Buddies